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The Arabian horse is made for racing

Arabian horses are an ancient breed that was bred between the 4th and 7th centuries AD. These Arabian horses have participated in the creation of many other breeds and English riding, Oryol trot, barbarian, Russian riding, Lusitanian, Andalusian, Percheron, Lippitsan, etc..

The main characteristics of the Arab race

Grey, red, black and laurel. With a growth at the withers of 1.47 to 1.55 m. On average, in mares, we have 1,506 m and in stallions, 1,534 m. Its external structure responds to a small head, concave profile, small ears and wide nostrils. A graceful neck, long oblique shoulders, a nicely drawn withers. Short flat back, wide chest. Firm legs with clearly broken tendons.

The use of Arabian horses

For most horses in horse races and races. Arabian horses are still used in crossbreeding, improving many other breeds. In addition, breeding is carried out within the breed, with the aim of developing and preserving the best qualities of Arabs, as well as increasing their growth. Arabian horses are distinguished by an enviable endurance with a maximum height of 1.53 m at the withers. They easily transport adult riders.

The types of external races of the Arab

Cocheilan: These are massive horses with a strong constitution and developed muscles. They have a large trunk, a wide and powerful skeleton, excellent endurance.

Siglava: These are the ones that have had a medium body constitution, not very high growth. Less dashing in horse racing, but differs in its external appeal and its breed is pronounced.

Cocheilan siglavi: it is a type that combines the massive forms of coherilan and drought, the external attractiveness of siglavi. In addition, horses of this type have high growth and increased efficiency.

Hadban: the greatest representatives of the Arab race, have the least pronounced "is" in the race. Hardy, dashing, sports horses and horses.

In addition, Arabian horses regularly participate in horse races, the last step of which is to cover a distance of 161km Miles in one day.