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There is no show competition at the Olympic Games or World Championships, but there are sufficient opportunities to test yourself. Most countries organize regional and national championships for different categories of horses and ponies, and the choice of saddle is important.

The high-level horse competition

If you wish to participate in high-level competitions, you must register the horse in the appropriate company. And in which of them depends on the type of your horse and the class in which you will perform. Usually, it is a society of certain races, a society of exhibition ponies, a society or an association of jokers or hackers. In small local programs, it is generally not necessary to register.

In different countries, the interest in the events and the possibilities of organizing them are different. As for financial costs and equipment, they are easy to organize. A grass-covered field and a few respectable judges are sufficient for most classes. In general, there are classes for all ages and types of horses and riders.

The right address for a sporty saddle

You can have used western saddles for sale for equestrian sports, clothes and shoes for horseback riding and for shows, bags, whips and other equestrian items. It's online on the right equestrian portal that everything you need to take care of your horse, including the best clothing and veterinary products, conditioners and joint creams. Among our goods, you will find ammunition, harnesses and all kinds of accessories, saddles and stirrups, horseshoes and nails in a wide range. Ammunition and equipment can be supplied on order. We work with the leading equestrian equipment manufacturers in Belarus, Russia, Germany, Finland, Holland, Great Britain and Poland.

If you need high quality and especially inexpensive models, don't hesitate to let yourself be seduced by the variety of colors, sizes and equipment models available for this type of fascinating outdoor activity.

Sports equipment

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