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How can I find a restored saddle that will meet my needs as a rider

The second-hand market ... For everything that is expensive, it's an interesting consumption habit. In terms of riding equipment and especially the saddle, it may be worth the cost. So it may be more beneficial to find used western saddles for sale.

The horse saddle

The horse saddle is one of the important equipment when riding a horse. It must be of good quality and comfortable. You can find restored saddles online or in equestrian shops. Just check the quality of their saddles.

The choice of saddle according to the rider

The first thing to consider is the adaptation of the saddle to your horse and your morphology. If it is not well compatible with your horse, then you may encounter different problems during training and also, regarding his health. As a rider, a saddle that will not suit you, will be less comfortable and more difficult to ride. The measurement and mounting of the saddle are two steps that should not be neglected.

The choice of saddle according to the riding practice

The frequency of your riding sessions will define the choice of your saddle. If you are riding occasionally, then you have to take a multipurpose saddle. It is suitable for all kinds of non-intensive activities and is suitable for both beginners and experienced. As part of a regular practice, opt for a mixed saddle, located between the jumping and dressage saddles. If you want to practice intensively in a special discipline, then you have to bet on a suitable saddle.

So, if you buy a used saddle in a good saddlery, there is a good chance that the pros have already verified that the saddle is still in use. But if you buy it elsewhere, it is possible that the person does not have the necessary knowledge to determine if the saddle is good for the job, especially from the point of view of safety.

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